Wednesday, June 24

O M G!

Hi folk!

so MUCHHHHHHHH stuff has happened since i last came here.

SO MUCH! lol. Where do i start? from losing my job, to being signed by a label in learning how 2 use this e-promotional stuff...and even getting proposed to for the fourth time (i Love you babe!)

and this time, i swear im going to try updating! lol. like really...I thought Id have a lot more time since I have no job, but trust me, it's not any easier.

lets start here!




then I'll come back, and gist you allllll about what's been happening. lol

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  1. Oh Zara!!! So much has really happened per your post! Update this blog jo

    Sorry about the job loss...I am sure something way better came along!!

    4th time?? When are you going to say yes :(


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