Saturday, December 27


So...I had the worst xmas day ever...I think.

I was sick all day. The damn cramps kill me AND make me feel like I have a fever. But I've been feeling the same way minus cramps for 3 days now.

I'm not happy at all...

I'm not comfortable....

and I miss my little bruva...who loved his WII!! lol...I was close to tears when he hugged me ciao. He's getting so grown...who'da thunk 9 yrs ago, he was a lil rashfaced baby in santa clause gear...and now he's a semi hunk!

Im going to go bury myself in solitaire showdown. Which really sucks cuz there's music to be recorded...

but i can't be crying on the mic. might not be a lovely sound.

"No happy pic attached to post today" :(
Get on the Zara buffet ;)

Sunday, December 21

HO HO HO and a Bottle of Rum!

It's been a very simple weekend. Yet exciting nonetheless.

I just bought a car! A 2002 Dodge Intrepid. It's tiny and cute and smells used and mildewy and we had to get the tints scrapped off and I need to get it titled, insured, registered, e.t.c, BUT i LOVE IT! and I've only seen it once. Now since I bought the car off of an e-auction in another state, the titling process is currently a hassle. But I'm looking forward to being able to cruise down the streets of B-More in my vehicle and hopefully, it doesn't start to have any issues till 2010 and preferably BEYOND.

On Another Note...Other things I did this weekend...
1. Cleaned up someone's vomit. Read up on stomach flus, virus(es), and poisoning.
2. Cook fried rice, bbq chicken, spicy gizzard, part boiled eggs, and corn
3. Record dis fierce track - be on the look out for ALL my fierceness!
4. Called and spoke to some of my family in Nigeria. For cheap calls, please ask me how i do it and i will send you an email referral ;) YES! I wanna make some free calls too.
5. Discovered Fashion Solitaire. (I"m officially an addict)
6. Rethunk the visual Image most have of I the artist. Surrusly..the cleavage et all...tut tut tut. *sings - it'sallapartofmypastlyffff* ;)
7. Did not buy xmas gifts, but I bought for 1 person and he/she won't know till xmas day.
8. Did not go visit my friend for the weekend like I was supposed to. Hope she's not upset.
9. Did not go to NY to record with dude who tried to steal from me. That's another story. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal as this dude's a friend of mines.
10. Slept in late
11. Went to the dentist and came back in a lotta pain
12. Went to my chiropractor and of course I"m still in pain
13. And some things that might get my blog shut down if I reveal. lol. I"m sure YOU'd like to know.

NOW things I'm looking forward to this coming santa holiday

1. Seeing my mother and my brother in their new ATL residence. Well..ATL surrounding country.
2. Giving my brother his gift :D
3. Him hearing about how he loves his gift and I shouldn't have dunnit.
4. Me whupping my bro's behind in mario kart wiiiiiiiii
6. Coming back to hang out with my handler
7. Working on musiq w/ juvytek entertainment.
8. Continuing the work on my album which I have not yet told you is going to be a hot mess of hotness!

Please be on the ear out.

Until then, get to know my other stuff

Signing out...or shud i be singing out?

Get on the Zara buffet ;)

Friday, December 19

Popping Her Cherry

Why are you here? How did you get here? What are you looking for? What were you looking to find? What were you hoping I'd reveal? Do you really give a hoot what it is I talk about? Are you that interested in my life?...

I don't need your answers. i DO want you to wave or something...leave a comment...let me know I'm not alone in my head.

It's my first time...

Please be gentle
Get on the Zara buffet ;)