Saturday, December 27


So...I had the worst xmas day ever...I think.

I was sick all day. The damn cramps kill me AND make me feel like I have a fever. But I've been feeling the same way minus cramps for 3 days now.

I'm not happy at all...

I'm not comfortable....

and I miss my little bruva...who loved his WII!! lol...I was close to tears when he hugged me ciao. He's getting so grown...who'da thunk 9 yrs ago, he was a lil rashfaced baby in santa clause gear...and now he's a semi hunk!

Im going to go bury myself in solitaire showdown. Which really sucks cuz there's music to be recorded...

but i can't be crying on the mic. might not be a lovely sound.

"No happy pic attached to post today" :(
Get on the Zara buffet ;)

1 comment:

  1. dude u gotta record man. stop dulling urself wit yo sickness. get on da mic n spit dat fire. it'll wipe dat fever away.


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